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In the last two weeks, two new members have joined First PR Alliance, our international network of independent PR and marketing agencies. Over the past year since its founding, First PR Alliance has grown to 12 member agencies across four continents.   Reputation & Co. is a brand new network of freelance senior communications consultants. […]

Our founder, Dave Manzer, visited New Orleans for what was allegedly a field research visit into the local tech startup scene. In case you didn’t know, New Orleans is now the home of Collision Conference, a fast-growing technology conference that bills itself as a blend of CES and SXSW. There are also a couple of […]

Congratulations! If you’ve followed us this far into our summer Content Marketing Hack series you’ve learned who your prospects are and how to talk TO them, not AT them. Next up, how to develop a brand persona that is relatable, compelling and shareable. Why bother with such an exercise? Isn’t content marketing just about getting […]

In the not-too-distant past, only the largest companies in the world used to be able to receive global PR support for their various initiatives. That’s because it almost always came in the form of expensive budgets provided by large, multi-national agencies with offices around the world. Now, thanks to PR & Marketing networks formed by […]

  One thing B2B brands can agree on is that trade shows still are a very valuable investment. So valuable, in fact, that the average B2B brand invests nearly 40% of its total marketing spend on them. With so much money spent annually on a single marketing initiative, it makes sense to ensure your marketing […]

Manzer Communications has teamed up with seven other communications agencies to found the Global Fintech PR Network, the world’s first network of agencies serving the specialized needs of the financial technology – or fintech – industry. Based in five continents, Global Fintech PR Network is designed to help clients gain a global perspective and reach in […]

Regardless of business sector, there is bound to be a trade show that brings together the leaders and great minds of the industry that your business inhabits. Exhibiting at a trade show can provide countless benefits for the growth of your business. From reconnecting with existing customers and meeting new ones to scoping out the […]