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Sunday’s 50th Super Bowl game is being talked about as a historic defensive battle and possibly the last game of Peyton Manning’s illustrious, record-setting career. The game is also being talked about for Cam Newton’s postgame interview, which saw the Panthers flamboyant QB incapable of hiding his disdain for the questions, pouting, slouching and surly. […]

Blogging is a laborious, tedious, and sometimes delirious activity for marketing professionals to pursue. That may explain why there are very few companies that do it well. Despite the challenges, blogging on a regular basis can and does deliver impressive results, not the least of which includes higher search engine rankings, new leads and thought […]

A lot has been made about inbound marketing over the past five years, and for good reason since it can have many beneficial impacts to a business. From higher search engine rankings to lead capture to greater revenue, inbound marketing forms the backbone of many companies’ marketing strategy. But implementing a successful inbound marketing strategy […]

Congratulations! You’ve managed to land a TV interview for your brand. Oh wait, now you have to go on camera, and you’ve never had a TV interview before, and you are starting to get lightheaded, and you feel a swarm of butterflies in your belly because you’re afraid you’ll say something foolish in front of the […]

With the holidays, awkward family moments and turkey and stuffing nearly behind us (or in us), we head into 2016 with hope and a new set of challenges and goals, some of which may apply to your PR Strategy. If this is an area where you don’t have much experience, creating and executing an effective PR strategy […]

In the previous blog post we brought you a series of tips and tricks on how to go about planning and executing a media training event. In this post, we pick up where we left off and add our last pointers for any companies getting ready to have their executives or PR folks media trained. Build-up: […]

Whoever wants to address the press in an efficient and effective manner needs media training to do so. This certainly applies to company representatives that conduct day-to-day media relations — they typically have the title of ‘spokesperson’ on their business cards — but also to members of higher management such as the President or CEO. […]