Our founder, Dave Manzer, visited New Orleans for what was allegedly a field research visit into the local tech startup scene. In case you didn’t know, New Orleans is now the home of Collision Conference, a fast-growing technology conference that bills itself as a blend of CES and SXSW. There are also a couple of tech accelerators and plenty of co-working venues where startups of all kinds can be found. And the New Orleans coffee shop scene is as legit as any city of its size and features several roasters as well as plenty of tattooed baristas.

Here are some of the pics Dave took of New Orleans. Maybe this will pique your interest in visiting the ‘Big Easy’ this summer.

We hope you enjoy the trip!

One of several examples of shotgun houses, popularized in New Orleans in the mid-1800’s.

The residential architecture of New Orleans shares many qualities with creole homes found around the Caribbean.

New Orleans’ iconic streetcars still run along St. Charles and other streets, providing a sightseeing opportunity for tourists and transportation for locals.

The view from Mojo Coffee, a coffee shop on Magazine Street in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans.

Red beans and rice is a Louisiana creole staple featuring red beans, pork bones, spices, and vegetables (celery, onions & bell peppers — frequently called the Cajun holy trinity).

You can’t leave the Big Easy without sampling some Red Snapper topped with grilled shrimp and lobster sauce!

A shrimp and oyster po’ boy from Domilise’s, a favorite among locals. Note the bottle of Tabasco within easy reach.

This eggplant & shrimp stack, courtesy of Joey K’s on Magazine Street, was a fried tower of goodness.