Our Challenge:

eCommission is a fintech company that leverages technology to provide commission advances to real estate professionals in order to help them better manage their business cash flow in a highly unpredictable market.

eCommission came to us for help on increasing their industry awareness among real estate agents. The company also wanted help capturing and converting more leads from new customers as well as transactions from existing customers.

Our Solution:

Brand Awareness

In order to build awareness within the real estate industry we began by turning the company’s blog into a source of daily, useful and sharable advice on a wide variety of topics of interest to the modern real estate agent. To execute such an ambitious blogging schedule, we implemented a form of brand journalism that included creating monthly editorial calendars and news ‘beats’ of interest to agents.

Social media

To address awareness further, we began promoting eCommission’s daily blog posts on all three of its main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We analyzed the results to see which topics performed better on the different social networks and why. Eventually, we zeroed in on demographics that performed well by providing eCommission with actual conversions and closed transactions, something which is not always easy to do across all social networks for a B2B company.

Lead Gen from blog

Once we saw the blog traffic moving steadily northward, we recommended eCommission change to a new, more responsive WordPress blog template to allow for more interaction from visitors. The company added multiple call-to-actions, some with promo codes, in order to drive leads directly from the blog.

PPC campaign

To further maximize the company’s lead gen activities, we assisted with the management of their Google AdWords campaigns in order to direct more traffic to the website and increase conversions.

Organic SEO

Our blogging campaign was also designed to leverage content and keywords of interest to real estate agents and the real estate industry. But we followed best-practices SEO by avoiding keyword stuffing and instead emphasized quality content. We also sought out guest bloggers who would provide us backlinks to the website.

Our Results:

With our help, eCommission has seen:

  • 5x increase in blog traffic
  • 100s of new leads and conversions generated by the blog where before there were none
  • Organic and direct search taking over the top spots as site traffic generators over paid, with direct taking the top spot and proving brand awareness continues to skyrocket
  • Tripling of Facebook Likes and 500% growth in Facebook user engagement, including 100s of new customer conversions
  • Doubling of Twitter engagement and surge in new leads and customer conversions

Most importantly, eCommission is seen as the number one provider of real estate commission advances and the go-to, reliable financial resource for agents and brokers.