Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are related but they are by no means identical. SEO is exclusively focused on driving organic traffic through the optimization of content and the structure of your website. SEM on the other hand focuses on the buying of paid listings in search engines.

Manzer Communications naturally integrates SEO counsel and execution in its service offering:

  • SEO audit of website
  • Website Optimization (one-time service)
    • Includes technical optimizations like implementation of Google Analytics, webmaster tools, canonical link set up, robots.txt set up and more
  • SEO strategy for your website (which keywords are most relevant?)
  • SEO optimized copywriting for your site / blog
  • Integrated SEO/SEM planning
  • Design and implementation of search engine ads

If you are interested in boosting your organic search engine rankings with dynamic SEO strategy, please contact us today!