Crisis Communications:

Most crises happen to companies suddenly and unexpectedly. The “Golden Hour,” or time you have before the crisis literally hits the news around the media is perhaps an hour, perhaps not more than a few, depending upon the situation. The challenge for communications’ teams and company leaders is to be equipped to make the right strategic choices and execute an crisis communications plan efficiently while under intense pressure in a very short amount of time. The reputation, and in some cases, future viability, of the company is at stake in that a poorly managed crisis could affect a company financially for years to come.

Our Crisis Communications offering bolsters the readiness of our clients so that they are not only prepared for virtually any crisis imaginable they are also well-trained on what needs to be done, by whom, when and how often. We offer:

  • Crisis communications plan audits
  • Crisis communication plan writing and updates
  • Crisis communication media training
  • Crisis communication drills

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