Executive Media Training:

A well planned and executed media campaign is sometimes only as good as the spokespersons talking to the media. Without adequate executive media training, even the most experienced business professionals can stumble and loose a chance to make a positive impact on an audience. Manzer Communications specifically developed an executive media training program that can turn novices into competent speakers and experienced spokespersons into experts.

Our seasoned trainers are ready to tailor on-site or remote training for busy executives in need of either very basic media training or more advanced media coaching or anything in between. Our training modules are grounded in theory and best-practices yet are also highly interactive and illustrated with cases from our extensive video library. Each trainee receives a personalized report card and video with feedback to take to the office and practice. All modules have basic and advanced versions to match an executive’s level of media interview skills.

We will even provide a ‘train the trainer’ format for any corporate communications staff interested in becoming a subject-matter experts. (Please visit our blog for tips on how to create and run an effective executive media training for executives by an in-house corporate communications team.)

Some of what we offer includes:

  • Interview preparation
  • Crisis media training and planning
  • Live camera interviews and video take-aways
  • Body & voice presentation feedback

When conducting an executive media training we work in small group of no more than five at a time. This ensures adequate personal attention to each of your executives. We also believe the each trainee needs enough time in front of the video camera doing mock TV interviews to gain confidence in his or her interview skills.

From tips on what to wear for interviews to  how to handle challenging interviews during a crisis, we will work closely with your executives to get them ready for whatever may come their way.

To request more information about how to train your media for any type of interview imaginable, please contact us today!