Personal branding for executives

In our new Insights note we will address personal branding on Twitter for executives and company founders who may (or may not) have a presence on Twitter and who continue to struggle to gain traction. Twitter can be a powerful tool to bolster your personal brand and establish you as an industry thought leader. Although it […]

email marketing

The following is an excerpt from “The Essentials of Email Marketing,” a new white paper authored by our founding partner, Dave Manzer. In the paper, Dave distills the lessons he has learned from over 10 years of email marketing for B2B technology brands. Editorial Calendar An editorial calendar will keep your drip marketing campaign on […]

Congratulations! If you’ve followed us this far into our summer Content Marketing Hack series you’ve learned who your prospects are and how to talk TO them, not AT them. Next up, how to develop a brand persona that is relatable, compelling and shareable. Why bother with such an exercise? Isn’t content marketing just about getting […]

Our first content marketing hack is about knowing who your prospects are. So, do you know who yours are? And why is it so important to know who your prospects are for your content marketing strategy? After all, you’re in business, you have customers, and perhaps you have seen impressive growth. Your blog gets decent […]

Even though there will be plenty of vacationers hitting beaches, hiking trails and theme parks this summer, it doesn’t mean your content marketing should take a vacation too. After all, content marketing serves multiple purposes for a business, which means it should be consistently maintained throughout the year. Failing to do that could lead to […]

Deep summer in B2B tech marketing brings to mind those classic seafaring movies about whaling schooners and man-of-wars that suddenly hit a long patch of hot weather. Perhaps your own company’s summer sales doldrums feels the same way? Like a once-animated ship now sitting listless in a dark blue ocean, white sails hanging lifeless, an […]