Marketing fundamentals for startups

This is the second installment in our marketing fundamentals for startups. In the prior installment, we talked about how to develop an MVM (minimum viable marketing) approach to work hand-in-hand with an MVP in the lean startup model. In this installment, we begin addressing the most visible forms of marketing for a startup: the website […]


There are a few metrics all marketing managers should know about the cost of marketing to and acquiring new customers: CAC (Cost of Acquisition), CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and ROI (Return on Investment). Why are these three concepts in particular so important? Because, taken altogether, they are among some of the best ways to evaluate […]


Why business software CEOs have a love-hate relationship with marketing Companies that offer business software solutions — SaaS, custom software and off-the-shelf — all share a similar challenge: Longer sales lead times, intense competition and relatively slow technology refresh rates. Translation? There are more competitors vying for a smaller number of sales opportunities. It also […]

Omar Mohout

  No Belgian academic has obtained as much insight into the challenges faced by Belgian (and by extension: European) startups as Omar Mohout. Omar is (among many other things) Professor of Enterprise at the Antwerp Management School and the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. Recently he authored a new book, From Idea to […]

Congratulations! If you’ve followed us this far into our summer Content Marketing Hack series you’ve learned who your prospects are and how to talk TO them, not AT them. Next up, how to develop a brand persona that is relatable, compelling and shareable. Why bother with such an exercise? Isn’t content marketing just about getting […]

Podcasts have turned mainstream over the last couple of years. According to a Pew Research Center survey in 2016, 21% of all Americans over the age of 12 listen to at least one podcast each month. With the proliferation of podcasts also comes an abundance of opportunities for podcast ads and sponsorships. The price of […]

This is the second post of our New Year’s installment on ways B2B brands can retool their marketing assets to improve website traffic, lead conversions rates and overall brand awareness in 2017. Trade shows are big deals Trade shows are where many B2B companies spend the most time and money by far. According to our […]