Marketing fundamentals for startups

This is the second installment in our marketing fundamentals for startups. In the prior installment, we talked about how to develop an MVM (minimum viable marketing) approach to work hand-in-hand with an MVP in the lean startup model. In this installment, we begin addressing the most visible forms of marketing for a startup: the website […]

Belgium might be a small country, but it has a vibrant startup community with some pretty large ambitions. In cities such as Ghent and Antwerp, fresh talent is working on building companies which have the potential to disrupt entire industries. Here are 10 Belgian startups that we selected — not necessarily on their revenue or […]

For all the buzz and hype SXSW Interactive (SXSWi) racks up every year, it always seems to come and go with amazing speed. Which is why this year I thought it might help me make sense if I tried to put together a brief recap of the single greatest event celebrating startup culture on the […]

If there is one thing that is a lynchpin for success in an early stage company it is human capital. In the early days of the life cycle of a startup tech company, a multitude of decisions must be made. What features should the product or app have? What distribution channels should be pursued – […]

For many tech startups in Silicon Valley, and other tech hotspots like Austin, Boston and Seattle, the allure of getting into a popular tech media outlet like TechCrunch is too strong to pass up. In fact, when startup founders think about getting into the ‘news,’ it is often the implied target. And for good reason. With […]