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May 25, 2018 is a date that has been circled for quite some time now in the agendas of marketing managers in Europe. On this day the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in the entire European Union (after Brexit, the United Kingdom will have regulations in place that mirror the GDPR). […]

Marketing fundamentals for startups

This is the second installment in our marketing fundamentals for startups. In the prior installment, we talked about how to develop an MVM (minimum viable marketing) approach to work hand-in-hand with an MVP in the lean startup model. In this installment, we begin addressing the most visible forms of marketing for a startup: the website […]

Antwerp, Belgium Office for Manzer Communications

Over the past two years we have supported several European tech companies with their marketing and media outreach activities in the American market. Materialise (Belgium), Purple WiFi (United Kingdom), Drone Hopper (Spain), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Belgium), and Secutec (Belgium) were among the organizations that we had the pleasure of supporting with content marketing, […]


There are a few metrics all marketing managers should know about the cost of marketing to and acquiring new customers: CAC (Cost of Acquisition), CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and ROI (Return on Investment). Why are these three concepts in particular so important? Because, taken altogether, they are among some of the best ways to evaluate […]

Personal branding for executives

In our new Insights note we will address personal branding on Twitter for executives and company founders who may (or may not) have a presence on Twitter and who continue to struggle to gain traction. Twitter can be a powerful tool to bolster your personal brand and establish you as an industry thought leader. Although it […]

email marketing

The following is an excerpt from “The Essentials of Email Marketing,” a new white paper authored by our founding partner, Dave Manzer. In the paper, Dave distills the lessons he has learned from over 10 years of email marketing for B2B technology brands. Editorial Calendar An editorial calendar will keep your drip marketing campaign on […]


Why business software CEOs have a love-hate relationship with marketing Companies that offer business software solutions — SaaS, custom software and off-the-shelf — all share a similar challenge: Longer sales lead times, intense competition and relatively slow technology refresh rates. Translation? There are more competitors vying for a smaller number of sales opportunities. It also […]