In the last two weeks, two new members have joined First PR Alliance, our international network of independent PR and marketing agencies. Over the past year since its founding, First PR Alliance has grown to 12 member agencies across four continents.   Reputation & Co. is a brand new network of freelance senior communications consultants. […]

Drip marketing refers to the stream of marketing communications a company sends to its list of prospects and customers to stimulate future sales. In the case of B2B technology companies, it usually takes the form of email communications through a marketing automation platform. Many B2B tech companies face long sales cycles, which is why drip […]

I’m often asked what the formula is for generating inbound leads for B2B tech companies. In other words, what are the most effective marketing activities that will generate a steady flow of qualified leads for a company’s sales team to pursue and close? The answer almost always varies based on what you sell, who you […]

  No Belgian academic has obtained as much insight into the challenges faced by Belgian (and by extension: European) startups as Omar Mohout. Omar is (among many other things) Professor of Enterprise at the Antwerp Management School and the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. Recently he authored a new book, From Idea to […]

Our founder, Dave Manzer, visited New Orleans for what was allegedly a field research visit into the local tech startup scene. In case you didn’t know, New Orleans is now the home of Collision Conference, a fast-growing technology conference that bills itself as a blend of CES and SXSW. There are also a couple of […]

Today we are announcing First PR Alliance, our newly branded global PR network consisting of communications and marketing agencies capable of providing truly seamless support to brands interested in great value, peak performance and professional integrity. When we launched our associate agency network about a year and a half ago we knew there was an opportunity for […]

Congratulations! If you’ve followed us this far into our summer Content Marketing Hack series you’ve learned who your prospects are and how to talk TO them, not AT them. Next up, how to develop a brand persona that is relatable, compelling and shareable. Why bother with such an exercise? Isn’t content marketing just about getting […]

Our first content marketing hack is about knowing who your prospects are. So, do you know who yours are? And why is it so important to know who your prospects are for your content marketing strategy? After all, you’re in business, you have customers, and perhaps you have seen impressive growth. Your blog gets decent […]